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Travel back through the decades on an amazing journey of discovery to find out about Penrith and Eden in years gone by. Much rarely seen material captures the atmosphere of this unique area revealing how things have changed over the past two centuries: famous people, fabulous mansions that fell into decay; the happiness and the heartache of people who lived in the countryside and the towns. The age of the stagecoach to the coming of the railways and the motor car is all here. Life in the picturesque villages looks cosy and idyllic but in reality conditions for many were harsh and poverty stricken. Discover what attracted the early tourists who came here on the first ‘all inclusive’ holidays. Penrith and Eden has an intriguing past and this film - one of our series focusing on the history of Cumbria on DVD - is a feast of nostalgia which will enthral lovers of the area.

Penrith & Eden - A Journey Into The Past