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Travel back through the decades in this unique film to discover what life was like in Carlisle in the old days. Part of our series showing the history of Cumbria on DVD, this film includes rarely seen material captures the atmosphere of the city over a hundred and fifty years ago right up to the present day. There’s the magic of the Octocentenary in 1958 to the start of Beatlemania when the Fab Four came to the city. Find out about the hardship faced by the workers in the factories as Carlisle became an industrial powerhouse. There is the story of how quiet areas such as Stanwix and Denton Holme were swallowed up to become part of the ever expanding Great Border City. Capture the spirit of wartime to find out what life was like on the Home Front. It’s a feast of nostalgia bringing back times now long gone…. But there is also dramatic film of the floods that devastated Carlisle in 2005 causing untold damage and changing many people’s lives forever.

Carlisle 2 - Turning Back Time

  • 75 Minutes

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