Welcome to our Movie of the Month - our special feature that will take you on a journey deeper into Cumbria’s past.

Each month, we will post a new archive film in this section that has been thoroughly researched and edited to give you a maximum time travel experience.

All you need to do is click on the video below to begin your journey down the time tunnel. Every month the movie will change so there will always be something new to discover. We will feature films from all over the county and on all sorts of different topics. We will also let you know what the next movie of the month will be so you won’t miss out.


The countryside of Cumberland and Westmorland seems a very unlikely location for front line fighting during the Second World War but at the beginning of the conflict the threat of invasion was very real indeed. It was the main purpose of the Home Guard to defend roads, towns and villages in the event of an invasion. A film documenting the training of the Home Guard in Cumbria has survived and Movie of the Month for October shows the men training. They have something of a Dad’s Army image but they had a really important job to do. We don’t know why the film was made … possibly just to document what was going on here during that time. However it provides us with a priceless reminder of what went on during those very difficult times



There will be another Movie of the Month film for you from a different part of Cumbria in November.

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