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We believe it is very important to make the archive available to as many people as possible and the Cumbria Film Archive regularly has shows and presentations in different parts of the county. We are also available for groups to book us for an evening or afternoon film event. Each show is different and the films chosen will generally be most relevant to whichever part of the county we are visiting.



Planning well ahead we are also scheduled for two more shows in 2022 at Higham Hall. They are on Sunday, 24th April 2022 and Sunday, 20th November 2022. Each event is two and a half hours duration. They promise an afternoon of entertainment and nostalgia. You need to contact Higham Hall directly on 01768 776276. The shows start at 2pm and there are refreshments provided. Tickets are £15 each or two tickets for £25. Tea and cake is also included in the price.


If you belong to a group or organisation that may be interested in us putting on an event for you then please send us your details on the message bar below or send an email directly to




If you would like to hold an event please feel free to get in touch below and share an evening of nostalgia with us.

Thanks for submitting!

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