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In this section of the archive you can immerse yourself in a visual treasure trove of railway history. Film which has been lost for decades and recently rediscovered provides the inspiration for this fascinating journey into the past of some of the lost lines of Cumbria. Hundreds of miles of track have been closed but the films in this section of Cumbria Film Archive brings many of them back to life. There are four films for you to enjoy. Just click on the top bar and choose which film you would like to watch. Now travel back in time to a lost age:

Egremont station.jpg

Egremont Station

28-Abbey Town station.jpg

Abbey Town Station

Shap Station.jpg

Shap Station



  1. The Beginning of  the End

  2. The Industrial Lines - From Boom to Bust

  3.  The Life of the Rural Stationmaster

  4.   The Lost Waverley Line

Sedbergh station.jpg

Sedbergh Station

Crofton station.jpg

Crofton Station

Wreay station near Carlisle.jpg

Wreay Station near Carlisle

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