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Cumbria Film Archive
Welcome to Cumbria Film Archive
If you love travelling back in time to discover what the county was like decades ago then this is the place for you. We have a vast collection of rare cine films which have been restored. Museums and private collectors have collaborated with us to compile a unique archive which is nothing less than a feast of  nostalgia … just waiting for you to discover. The archive is growing and we will be regularly updating the website with new material so make sure you keep dipping in to see what is new.



There’s a whole new section to the archive that we’re sure many people will find fascinating. For years we have been collating a vast archive of film and atmospheric photographs of railway lines throughout the county that are now no more. It is a lost age but a great social history of the era. Click on the bar at the top of the home page and you can choose whichever film you want to start travelling back in time.

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We have launched a major new sequence for you to enjoy Cumbria’s past even more. It is called TIMESLIP and it is a new concept in local history. You can see how areas of the city look now and then our films take you back over several decades. We’re sure that you are going to be enthralled by some of the footage. We have just published nine films on Carlisle which will enable you to immerse yourself in the past of the city. Enjoy them. 

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